Hospice Center Inpatient Unit Guidelines

General Inpatient (GIP) may be provided at the end of an acute hospital stay if there is a need for pain control or symptom management which cannot be feasibly provided in the home setting at hospital discharge.

The following examples of patient status may lead to General Inpatient Care:

  • Pain or symptom crisis not managed by changes in treatment in the current setting or that requires frequent medication adjustments and monitoring.
  • Intractable nausea/vomiting.
  • Advanced open wounds requiring changes in treatment and close monitoring.
  • Unmanageable respiratory distress.
  • Delirium with behavioral issues.
  • Sudden decline necessitating intensive nursing intervention.
  • Imminent death - only if skilled nursing needs are present.

It is also important to keep in mind what is not appropriate for General Inpatient Care:

  • It is not intended for caregiver respite. If a caregiver is not in the home, or unable to help the patient adequately, other arrangements can or should be made.
  • It is not intended as a way to address unsafe living conditions in the patient’s home.
  • It is not an “automatic” level of care when a patient is imminently dying. There must be pain or symptom management and skilled nursing needs present.

If you think the hospice center inpatient unit is right for your patient, please contact us at 316-265-9441 to discuss their care options.